Friday, August 13, 2010

photos - repairs - part 2

A local artist who is a friend of the guys came over to paint the logo on the inside of the property.

He had an audience while he worked. Everyone was curious to see how it turns out.

He is almost done. Everyone likes it but the face on the adult pictured in the logo looked familiar. Yesterday, night I figured out who it looks like ... Elvis! The sideburns give it away. I am going to ask the artist to put the face completely black as a contrast. I don't want to tell him it is because the face looks like Elvis!

The guys put the shelving in the food depot back together. Now everything can go back into its' place.

Pastor Pierre and the cement boss continue to work on the sides of the roof. The repairs on the top part of the roof will have to wait until the rainy season is over. The other evening we watched a dvd called "Are We Done Yet". It was a comedy about a family repairing an older house. The more work they did the more repairs they found that needed to be done. It was funny to watch! Our repairs are coming to an end though - I think.

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