Friday, August 27, 2010

photos - fonise - part 2

Fonise is Tim's younger "sister". This photo was taken in February 2009. A couple of months later she went out to the Cayes region to live with her mother.

She became sick out in the province and returned back to Port-au-Prince. Her condition continued to deteriorate. We had brought her to the Gheskio clinic for testing and she collapsed at the clinic. She was hospitalized at Bernard Mevs Hospital and received 3 blood transfusions. She was also treated for H. Pylori and Typhoid. She responded to treatment. She was discharged from hospital and lived with her father's family.

After the earthquake, while her father was recuperating in Martinique from his amputation, she once again returned out to the Cayes region to her mother's home. She came back to Port-au-Prince in June 2010 and has been residing here at Coram Deo.

When Tim visited the Cayes region Fonise came along to visit some of her family. These people are neighbor's of Fonise's mother. They have a stick/mud shack with a tin roof.

This is Fonise's mother's home. Her family is very poor.

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