Saturday, August 21, 2010

photos - archaie - part 3

On Thursday we went to visit a former resident of Coram Deo. Jacob now lives with his uncle in Archaie. He is doing well.

We went to visit the christian school that he attends to pay the balance of his tuition fees and to pick up his report card. He starts Grade 4 in October.

Jacob lives near the public square. This is an old architectural style home on the street corner of the square. There was minimal earthquake damage in Archaie.

It is election season here in Haiti and grafitti is on many walls with the names of candidates that people support. Even the churches are not safe from grafitti. On the left side it is written Jude Celestin for president. On the right side of the entrance doors to the church is written a thank-you to Saint Peter for Jude Celestin!

On another property wall is a saying that Jude = Change.

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