Sunday, August 28, 2016

Jameson - Gatekeeper/Security

Jameson Glezile has been a part of our Coram Deo family for several years. His father came to us for help several years ago to register him in our school program and also to find help to correct his cleft lip and palette. The corrective surgeries were done by visiting plastic surgery teams and his face no longer shows the cleft lip deformity. He is mentally handicapped with learning problems and he was a part of our school program for several years. He progressed and has aged out of the school program. Jameson is now a young man and eager to take the place of his father in our program here. His father Yonel, used to be our gatekeeper. He suffered a massive stroke and the brain damage was severe enough that he could no longer be our gatekeeper. His son Jameson is now our gatekeeper/security guard. When Nicole was here we bought water guns for the younger children. Jameson used one of the water guns to shoot hornets down from one of our trees. It is a constant battle with the wasps. Every time we remove the nest they come back and rebuild it! Jameson had a lot of fun when the Norwood team was here. He enjoys helping out and is proud to take the place of his father here at Coram Deo. He comes to Coram Deo each morning and goes home in the early evening. He is a good son for his parents. Every time he gets his pay envelope he brings it home to his parents. He uses none of his pay for himself. Pray for Jameson and his father. It is sad to see Yonel deteriorate due to the effects of his stroke and brain damage.

Caesarean - State Maternity Hospital

The state maternity hospital Maternite Isaie Jeanty (Chancerelles) is not on strike and functioning :) Val Nourissaint is one of the leaders in the Kenscoff mountain community with Pastor Pierre. He came up to me on the 1st day of the pastor seminars and asked me if I could help him. He said that his daughter had a baby by caesarean section the previous day and he hadn't heard how she and her baby were doing. He asked me if we could take him to the maternity hospital just to see how she was doing. I was excited and told him that we would love to take him to the state maternity hospital. I prepared the team for what they would see at the state maternity hospital. I call it the baby factory because of how busy it is there and it isn't like hospitals in Canada. We went inside the hospital and saw his daughter and newest granddaughter. We spent some time visiting her and prayed for the family and other patients. Once we found out the baby was a girl the next day we went back again with some baby clothing for the mother. Some members of my home church crochet baby clothes and blankets and I went through our depot to pull out some of the baby clothes to give to the mother and other new mothers in the hospital ward. We asked the family what the baby's name was and the family said they wanted us to give the baby a name. The baby now has the name of one of the members of the Norwood team - Beverly. The 2nd day we were there there was a lady who had caesarean surgery but was in bad shape. She had eclampsia and the baby died. The mother wasn't doing well. The team prayed for her and also for other patients in the hospital. One of the hospital administrators asked the team to pray for the people in the hospital when we were in the hallway. The comment that the administrator said was is that prayer is like "lightning". Pray for the situation of the state hospitals. We were glad to see the state maternity hospital functioning and saving lives of mothers and babies. We even visited the room where the premature babies are. We saw some very tiny babies. The nursing staff liked it that we brought care packages of baby clothes for the mothers in the hospital. Beverly Jr. is now out of the hospital and at home with her family. The grandfather was a happy man. He was determined to be at the pastor/leadership seminars even though his daughter was in the hospital. He was able to spend some time with his daughter and also attend the seminars :)

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