Saturday, February 28, 2015

Cleft Lip Out-Of-Town House Guests

On Thursday we said good bye to Jeff. Friday we picked up a few families from Bernard Mevs Hospital who come from out of town. The guys are giving up their beds for these cleft lip and palette babies and their mothers. Now the guys can sleep up in the bunkhouse :) Starting on Monday the Smile Network medical team from Minneapolis starts doing surgeries and changing faces :) Some of these children are having follow-up surgery to repair the cleft palates. One woman who is pictured in the photos came with her 3 children. Her middle child has a cleft lip. She comes from the Port Salut area. Please keep all of these mothers and children in prayer.

Wilkens Jean - Cleft Lip Adult

Wilkens Jean is a 22-year-old man who has lived his entire life with a cleft lip. He comes from the Saut D'Eau area of Haiti. We picked him up from the hospital yesterday afternoon. He is here by himself. He is the oldest person in the group of out of town patients who are staying here waiting for surgery that will start next week. He will be operated on Thursday. Please keep him in prayer. People will no longer be making fun of his face and staring at him to see how he can eat.

Smile Network - Cleft Lip/Palette Surgeries

A Smile Network team from Minneapolis, Minnesota is here in Haiti and will be doing cleft lip, palette surgeries next week. Currently we have 4 mothers and their children staying here at Coram Deo awaiting the surgery. Starting Monday afternoon our food service team will be bringing food to the hospital twice a day. We have a special cleft palate visitor staying at our house. He is a young man who has lived since birth with a cleft lip. He will be a recipient next week of a changed face and surgery. It is sad that people have to live their lives with a cleft lip that can be easily repaired. Please keep all the patients in prayer who will be receiving this surgery by the Smile Network team. Below are a couple of videos about this organization.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Coram Deo Bunkhouse Roof Pour - Part 3

Here are the last of the Coram Deo bunkhouse roof pour photos. We are going to paint the outside of the colour the Dutch Orange colour, hopefully tomorrow if we can find the paint :) Thanks again everyone for all of your help to make this project a reality :)

Coram Deo Bunkhouse Roof Pour - Part 2

Some more photos of the Coram Deo Bunkhouse roof pour :) Everybody chipped in to help and I wanted to make sure to get photos of everyone here who helped! It was a work filled day and the end result looked great :)