Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Day 2 - Gas Strike

Things are settling down here in Port-au-Prince. The government put their buses on the street to handle some of the public transport needs. There were no blockades or tires burning this morning in our area. I went for a walk with the guys again today and we walked up Delmas 31, down main Delmas to Ave. Martin Luther King, headed up Ave. Poupelard, down Rue Chretienne, down John Brown and through the Champ Mars area. We then headed up to Fort National, Delmas 18, Delmas, Delma...s 19, and home. It was good to see people trying to go about their activities. There were a lot of street vendors out. There were more private vehicles and motorcycles out on the streets today and lots of people walking. We saw 1 tap-tap in the John Brown area. People were calm and peaceful. In the Champ Mars area workers were working on building the stands for the upcoming carnival that will start Sunday afternoon and run for a couple of days next week. The Fort National/Delmas 18 area was the only area still showing some rubble on the streets that were used as barricades to stop traffic yesterday. More businesses were open today and on the way back we stopped at Epi Dor to eat some food and get a cold drink. We are looking forward to a normal day tomorrow hopefully. Please pray for peace on the streets.

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