Monday, February 9, 2015

Gas Protests - Traffic Circulation - Part 1

I went for a walk with the guys this morning to check out the circulation on the streets. We walked up Delmas 31, went down main Delmas to Airport Rd, followed Airport Rd to the airport, headed to Gerald Battaille crossroad, went up Delmas 33 and then took the mayor road back to Delmas 31 and home again. There were a lot of people walking on foot. No public transport was working. There was minimal traffic on the roads. Streets that would normally have heavy traffic were turned into soccer fields for the young men that were playing on the streets. People on foot were just going on with their day. It was a quiet walk and it was sure amazing not to see traffic on the roads. The roughest areas were our street corner and Delmas 33. Those 2 areas were the only places that were trying to intimidate people. We didn't have any problems. One of the guys we met on the street told me "See, you can pass by with no problems". We took some photos of our long walk this morning on the streets. We stopped at Star 2000 on main Delmas to get a cold drink. It was the only open business that we saw. Everything else was closed. Pray for safety on the streets and that fuel prices would be further reduced :)

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