Friday, February 6, 2015

Miami Team - Surgeries

The plastic surgery team did a couple of specialty surgeries as well. Sometimes babies are born with amniotic bands which can lead to limb deformities. This young baby had surgery on the left leg. This young child is going to live a life of challenges here in Haiti as a double amputee. Pray for strength for the mother and support and strength for both the child and his family. A young girl had surgery on her forehead. The young boy with the large hernia never received his sur...gery. Monday was the day of the transportation strike. She couldn't get out of Cite Soleil to make it to the hospital. Pray we can get her child a surgery with a future surgical team. It is frustrating that the protests going on right now here in Port-au-Prince are affecting people from obtaining medical care. Please pray for peace on the streets and that elections can be held.

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