Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Rain Day Activities

This morning it was raining and we decided to watch a movie. It was a real treat for everyone (including me) to relax and enjoy our rainy day :) Our youngest Coram Deo family member is now Job. He is Jacob's older brother. Both of his brothers died of malnutrition and Job went through a bout of malnutrition too. He is currently staying here with a couple of his uncles' Jeff, and Joel for a time. We went to see how Jackenson was doing in the hospital and he wasn't doing very well. He is in terrible pain. He says his whole body is sore. I was hoping that he was doing better but he was crying and screaming in pain. Please keep Jackenson in prayer as he goes through his latest sickle cell crisis.


Rainy Day Today

Spring has sprung here in Haiti! A rainstorm started last night and continued into the day. The sun never came out today because of the stormy weather. The people here hate walking in the rain. Poor Paulna. She definitely doesn't enjoy this weather. She was waiting for the rain to die down before leaving from the kitchen shelter but she had a long wait. She was patient though as she didn't want to get wet :)

Monday, March 30, 2015

Coram Deo Parent/Teacher Meeting - March 29, 2015

Sunday afternoon we held our Parent/Teacher meeting to hand out the 3rd Quarter report cards for the students. The teachers designed and printed their own uniform shirts for school. To save costs we don't have a school uniform. We are thankful to have dedicated teachers who are eager to teach the students who otherwise would not be able to attend school due to the poverty of the families. Please pray for the teachers and students as they will begin the 4th quarter after the Easter break.

Jackenson Jean-Louis - Sickle Cell Crisis

Jackenson Jean-Louis was admitted to the paediatrics ward of Hopital Espoir with another sickle cell crisis. He has a lot of pain especially in his back. Please keep him in prayer and that the sickle cell crisis will be resolved quickly.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Gang That Targeted Religious Organizations Disbanded

(Radio Metropole) - english translation

Criminals who committed aggressions against thirty nuns were arrested by the police. This is a gang formed by the Charleus brothers, originally from Cornillon - Grand Bois. The criminals had defined a particular procedure to attack only defenseless religious congregations. The gang of over 15 bandits were had established theirs hideouts in Petites Rivieres de l'Artibonite, Verettes Thomazeau but had moved to different regions of the country.

5 criminals were captured by investigators of the Central Directorate of the Judicial Police (DCPJ) together with officers from the Comissariate of Thomazeau (West). The criminals attacked 19 religious congregations in 6 departments including Mirebalais, Saint Michel de L'Atallaye, Thomassin, Saut d'Eau, Boucan Carré, Pandassiou, Aquinas, Maniche, Saint Raphael, Petite Riviere de l'Artibonite, Estère, Verettes, Croix-des-Bouquets, Delmas, Marin, Tabarre, Thibert and Thomazeau.

One of Charleus brothers, Daniel, was apprehended while Charles is still on the run.

The spokesman for the Police, Gary Desrosiers, spoke in anger against those criminals who were attacking religious people who have dedicated their lives to the Haitian society. These criminals have attacked people who bring significant support in several areas including education and health, said Mr. Desrosiers indicating that certain religious rings were found in possession of the bandits. Investigators also seized firearms and a stick.

The actions of the Charleus brothers' gang were denounced by all sectors of society. Several gang members are from Cornillon Grand Bois, common boundary of Carrefour (West), others are from Mirebalais, Boucan Carré and Lascahobas in particular. They are sought for nighttime robberies, Armed Robbery and illegal conspiracy.

Fighting Back Against Corruption

Today was a day of fighting back against corruption! This morning we drove over to the Delmas mayoral office to file a complaint against the 3 workers who represented themselves as working for the mayor. We spoke with the administrative official who works for the mayor, Wilson Jeudy. She immediately contacted the head of security for the mayor's office and told him about the security officials who were giving us problems. She gave him a description of the people involved. After she got off the phone she told us to call her if those guys every bother us again. She gave us her cell phone number. I then talked with a UN official and he told us to contact him again if the police officers come by the house again demanding payment of money. I told him that we were buying bibles and would be giving them each a gift of a bible. If they come back again we will be filing a complaint with the General Inspectorate of the police department. Last year they fired 814 police officers. Please keep this situation in prayer. Below is an article on Haiti Libre about the Haiti police force
Haiti - Security : 814 police officers revoked in 2014
22/03/2015 10:23:01
In a report published this week, the General Inspectorate of the National Police of Haiti (IGPNH), presents its review for 2014, where we have summarized the highlights.
One learns that "[...] 814 police officers were dismissed from the PNH in 2014, including 717 for dereliction of duty and 97 for various reasons." The dismissal for abandonment of post, had never been applied in previous years, which explains the high number in 2014, where IGPNH decided to apply the regulation with full force "Of the 97 dismissal for various reasons, 23 were dismissed for embezzlement, 8 for drug trafficking, 7 theft, 9 for abductions, 10 for homicides, 6 for corruption and 4 for murder. ...]"
Moreover, "949 complaints against police officers have been filed by citizens for different types of violation embezzlement, abuse of authority, physical assault, assault and battery, debts, violence, denial of care, threats and confiscation of goods."
In addition, the report states that a "[...] total of 1,254 cases were opened by the various divisions of investigation for the year 2014" (being finalized) "7,047 investigation acts were they achieved, distributed, among others, in 1,886 summonses, 1,734 hearings, 1,827 retention of checks and 494 invitations. 820 records have also been finalized during the year by the investigations division. These files processed are distributed to the following types of violations: 109 for debt, 112 for assault and battery, 177 for weapon losses, 18 for mistreatment, 21 for escapes, 26 for gunshot wounds, 17 for assaults, 48 for violence and 15 for unjustified shootings [...]".
Finally, the report points out that between 1995 and 2014, 806 police officers were killed "[...] 63 have been murdered, 252 died of disease, 233 have been shot dead, 43 victims of traffic accidents and 70 victims of the earthquake in January 1010."

Haiti - Justice: Fruitful Dragnet In The Case Of Attacks Against Religious

The Haitian police arrested 5 individuals yesterday as being part of a gang attacking religious institutions. Please continue to keep missionaries living and working in Haiti in prayer. Below is the article from Haiti Libre:

Haiti - Justice : Fruitful dragnet in the case of attacks against religious
(Haiti Libre) - 26/03/2015 12:46:26

Haiti - Justice : Fruitful dragnet in the case of attacks against religious
Wednesday, Commissioner Garry Desrosiers, Deputy Spokesman of the National Police of Haiti (PNH) presented to the press, 5 individuals arrested earlier this week, during a joint operation of the Central Directorate of the Judicial Police (DCPJ) and the Police station of Thomazeau.

These 5 individuals: Daniel Charléus, 25, presented as the alleged head of the gang, Jimmy Jean-Baptiste (32), Jeannot Areste (20, identified by one of the religious victims) Sauveur Augustin (33) and Pierrelus Lucanord (33), suspected of having participated in numerous attacks against the religious community between 16 November, 2014 and 15 March, 2015http://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-13455-haiti-security-a-situation-of-terror-reigns-within-religious-communities.htmlThey are accused inter alia of : armed robbery, conspiracy and assault and battery.

Commissioner Desrosiers said the gang had bases in Petites Rivières de l'Artibonite Thomazeau and Verettes, from which they prepared their acts across the country, noting that research notices were issued against 10 others people clearly identified and actively sought.

Among those arrested some have confessed having attacked religious because they were easy targets and helpless, while others arrested in possession of firearms, swore they had not attacked the nuns.

Garry Desrosiers has condemned the acts of violence faced by the religious congregations in recent weeks. "It is inconceivable that the bandits are attacking citizens who have made a vow of chastity and who are serving their country." He revealed that during the police operation, rings of certain religious and a quantity of jewelry object had been found and a firearm, cell phones and ammunition were seized.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Thugs And Corruption

Today we had 3 guys who entered into our yard who said they worked with the mayor of Delmas.They asked me to give them money. I told them no, and that we didn't have money to give away as gifts. People are thinking that we have money. The day that Ysmaille was killed he had gone to the bank to make a withdrawal. I don't know if it was a withdrawal for Jake and Ysmailles' business and/or a withdrawal for the mission program he works with. Jake and Bill had spent the morning up the mountain in Kenscoff showing the farmers how to plant potatoes (Canadian spuds). Ysmaille had just dropped off his fiancé at the airport. She was heading back to New York after spending some time in Haiti. Jake and Ysmaille had planned to look at some land in the La Tremblay area of Croix des Bouquets. Ysmaille went to the bank and then came back to our neighbourhood. He parked his vehicle in front of our house and then entered our yard. He talked with Macdonald and the other guys in the yard. He then exited the yard and bought a pate. Ysmaille opened the door to his vehicle, sat down behind the wheel, started the vehicle and it was then that gunmen came up to him. They apparently asked him for money. There were around 6 gunmen according to witnesses on the street. They shot and killed Ysmaille with 2 shots and injured the passenger. The gunmen escaped. The police and Delmas mayor personnel came quickly after the incident but never caught the gunmen who went away on motorcycles. Now these same police and mayor personnel are causing us problems. They know that Ysmaille was killed because of money. The police and mayor personnel knowing that Ysmaille was in the yard and involved with Jake think that we have money. In truth we have nothing and are living hand to mouth as deposits are made to our mission bank account. Right now I feel like I have a bulls eye on my back. This morning 3 of the mayors workers came into the yard without knocking and the big thug representative told me that he wanted me to give them money. I told them no. He kept asking me a couple more times and wanted me to give him gas money for their vehicle. I told them no. They finally gave up and left but told me that they would be back. Next week I am going to buy 6 bibles, 3 for the policemen who are demanding money and 3 for the mayors  thugs who are demanding money. I will tell them that they are welcome to come here for bible study but not for money. Please pray for this situation. Missions and business can't mix in this country unless you have armed security. Every businessman needs an armed security. We don't have any armed security in our yard. Pray that these police and mayor's workers realize that we don't have money and are here trying to help the Haitian people with schooling and medical care and not running/starting a business.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Love A Child/Feed My Starving Children Distribution

Today we drove out to the Love A Child Mission in Fond Parisien to pick up 36 boxes of Feed My Starving Children rice meals. The director, Mark Crea, of Feed My Starving Children and a team of volunteers from Minnesota were helping out at the distribution centre loading up the trucks. When we arrived back at Coram Deo we had some helping hands from the youngest students. They were determined to help carry in the boxes too! It was fun watching the younger students struggling to carry the box. Sometimes they teamed up together to carry in a box. They showed a lot of enthusiasm!The students just finished writing their 3rd quarter exams and are on March/Easter break now. Thank you Feed My Starving Children and Love A Child for helping us out with these rice meals that we provide as a meal to our students every school day.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Jacob Chery - Died March 22, 2015

Jacob died early Sunday evening in the hospital. He battled for his life but in the end he couldn't beat the septic infection or the malnutrition. We know that he is now with the Lord and suffering no more. His body started shutting down Saturday and when we saw this we knew the end was near. The doctors and nurses did the best job that they could to try and save his life. Please keep the family in prayer as they mourn the loss of a child. We are without internet service the last couple of days. As part of our cost cutting measures we eliminated the fiber optic internet and are using a USB jump stick internet. It hasn't worked well for the last 3 days. Pray we can get our internet problems solved. I am borrowing the internet box that Macdonald uses to send this message out.  I was sick Friday night with vomiting and diarrhea but that only lasted for one night. I am glad the sickness didn't last long because Sunday morning were the evaluations for the Broken Earth surgical team from Newfoundland at Bernard Mevs Hospital. In between ferrying patients to the hospital and bringing the children to church we spent the day running! 2 people got accepted for hernia surgeries, and 1 was chosen for an amputation surgery. I'll make a more detailed post of everything tomorrow hopefully. Please keep Haiti in prayer. A group of policemen came over today asking me to give them "encouragement" (money). Patrick, the police patrol leader said that he handled Ysmailles' case and was the one who did the report and brought the justice of the peace to do the paperwork. I didn't have anything to do with the police investigation part as that was handled by Jake and Ken and I was not kept in the loop of what was going on.  I told the police that I could encourage them with prayer and didn't have funds to give them. They asked me when they could come back. I told them they could visit anytime they would like :) They all had their weapons with them and I wasn't going to tell them not to come back :) Please pray for this situation. It is a very strange/dangerous situation that we are in the middle of.