Sunday, March 8, 2015

Coram Deo Graduates - Reginald, Louisnel, Yvens

This weekend a few of our Coram Deo family members graduated to finding work in Haiti.  Reginald, Louinel (pictured together in the first picture) and Yvens are going to be guardians at Kens' mission. Reginald has been a part of Coram Deo since he was 5-years-old. He had behavioral problems and was visually handicapped. He was part of our first student class 14 years ago. His first day of school was spent screaming and running around the yard. When he sat on the bench and a pencil was handed to him he would break it, rip up his paper and walk around the yard. For that first year he never once sat or participated in a class. I told the people here to let him adjust at his own pace and explained that he had behavioral issues. Slowly he settled down. Due to his learning/visual disability he could never advance in his schooling but being in our yard he started developing socially. The years have gone by and Reginald is now an adult. After Yonel had his stroke Reginald stepped into the gatekeeper role and he has done a good job. Now he is graduating from our mission and entered into the working world like any other young adult. It is great to see the life of a person develop from a child into an adult, especially with the problems that Reginald overcame. Louisnel started helping us out a couple of years ago. He is a friend of the other guys in the yard. He would always be one of the first people to help out in helping another person as part of our outreach efforts to the Haitian community. Yvens came originally as a student of our Coram Deo program. When we transferred our school program to Adoration School in 2007 he continued on as a student there. His mother is very poor and Yvens lived with us. He was always helpful to both our mission and the Adoration mission when they had projects to do. Now as an adult he is going to help Ken's mission. We give the Lord thanks for letting us be a part in the development of these 3 young men. They are now Coram Deo graduates! May they always live their lives Coram Deo (before the face of God).

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