Friday, March 13, 2015

Shooting - Nahum

Things have been quieter in our neighbourhood and I just said to Amos this morning that it feels like the shootings have disappeared for awhile. Around 12:30pm we hear a series of gunshots that were not far from us. The children were playing soccer in the front part of our yard and when the shots were heard everyone ran to the back of the yard and into the school shelters. Vehicles were turning around and heading back in the opposite direction. The police and a justice of the peace were serving an eviction notice to a man named Nahum, who was a caretaker for a property on Delmas 31. He must have put up some form of resistance and the police shot him twice. He received a gun shot wound to the head and arm. He was rushed to hospital. The police left the scene. People selling nearby Nahum's residence were crying and some men who knew Nahum were mad at the police for killing him. It is a pretty sad situation in our neighbourhood. A couple of days ago a Haitian man who works with the UN came into our yard and gave us his name and contact info. He told us he worked with the UN and had an office at the police station. Later when we drove up Delmas 31 we saw a combined UN military patrol from Jordan and a patrol of Haitian police along with the man who had came into our yard. They were stopping motorcycles and searching them/checking paperwork. Later the policeman in charge of the patrol came and visited us too and gave us his contact info. I thought that this was great to have the info in case of emergency. I am not sure what to do with this info now that the police killed someone in our neighbourhood. It doesn't seem right to kill someone to evict them. Please keep our neighbourhood in prayer.

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