Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Snake Oil Salesman

I never knew that "snake oil salesmen" actually existed :) The other week when we were bringing food to Bernard Mevs Hospital we saw a crowd of people on the road leading to the hospital. We went up to the crowd and noticed a guy with a snake. He was a snake oil salesman! They give the snakes alcohol to keep them drunk. I think the salesman was a little tipsy too! He offered me 20H$ to put the snake around my neck. I refused :) In Haiti they cook snake and make an oil from it. Snake oil is a medicine used to treat aches and pains. Men in Haiti use it like Viagra. These snakes are called "couleve chasseur" (hunter snakes) and they eat mice and rats. They are found out in the countryside mainly. People in Haiti are very superstitious of snakes. Usually they kill them on sight. It was an educational experience for me that day to find out there really are snake oil salesmen :)

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