Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Smile Network Cleft Lip and Palette Surgeries

The Smile Network team is busy performing cleft lip and palette surgeries. They plan on doing 25 surgeries this week. Yesterday a lady and her child both had their cleft lips repaired. This morning we brought a boy and his father to the hospital. You can tell that the boy is embarrassed. He won't look at people. After surgery people won't be able to tease him anymore! The patients operated on yesterday were discharged from the hospital this morning to make room for the new patients being admitted this morning. Last night we brought a meal for the patient's families. We give the Lord thanks for the Manna Pack meals that we receive each month from Feed My Starving Children and distributed in Haiti by Love A Child. With these meals we can feed around 3,000 people each month :)

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