Monday, March 16, 2015

Neurosurgeries - Dr. Grant

This is a time of bountiful blessings for us here at Coram Deo. We are running to keep up with helping out with medical care. Almost on a continuous basis for the last few months we are having out of town visitors from different parts of Haiti stay with us while awaiting surgeries or post-op time after surgeries. People from places such as Cap Haitien, Jacmel, Cayes, Artibonite and Port-de-Paix are using our facilities for a place to sleep and get a meal. The people are thank...ful and it is a joy to be able to see these children obtain a surgery organized by Project Medishare at Bernard Mevs Hospital. The other week we were bringing meals for the plastic surgery team from Smile Network. This past weekend Dr. Grant, who is a neurosurgeon is spending a few days doing shunt surgeries. One of the patients had a meningeocele (where the brain protrudes through the forehead) that he surgically closed. Next week Team Broken Earth comes in for orthopaedic, general and plastic surgeries. Our food service teams have been busy preparing meals to give to the parents and children. This month we get 2 food distributions from Love A Child. We are thankful for this food assistance during these busy times of surgeries. Praise the Lord!

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