Monday, March 16, 2015

Jacob Chery - Update - March 16, 2015

Jacob Chery is alive and fighting for his life! After getting blood on Saturday from the Red Cross, the doctors wanted to have another sonogram done of his abdomen on Sunday. The only problem was that there was no sonogram technician at the hospital on Sunday. We did a lot of praying for Jacob to survive and he did. Early this morning Jacob had the sonogram done and it confirmed what the doctors thought; there was no sign anymore of a blockage in his intestines. Todays medical treatment plan is to slowly start Jacob on F-75 formula. Once his body can handle and digest that the work starts to build up Jacob's health. We are pleased with the care he is getting from Hopital La Paix medical staff. Jacob's crib is in front of the doctor's/nurse desk. His grandmother was excited when she called us with the news that Jacob wasn't getting abdominal surgery. When we brought food to the hospital for Jacob's grandmother and mother we talked with the doctor responsible for Jacob's care and she explained to us the new medical care plan and gave us the good news that the blockage was gone! While Jacob, the grandmother and mother are at Hopital La Paix, the rest of the family is staying here. Job is happy and doing well. He was malnourished a year ago but is a happy/thriving toddler now. He comes up to me and gives me a hug every time our vehicle pulls in the driveway! He loves eating snacks. We give the Lord thanks for this measure of healing for Jacob and that a surgery is no longer planned. Please pray for Jacob to gain strength. Today was the first time that I saw him with his eyes open. He is being tube fed 20cc at a time every 2 hours. Pray for strength for his family too as they sit with Jacob in the hospital.

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