Thursday, March 5, 2015

Institut De Rehabiltation Dr. Gerard Leon

We went to the new Institut De Rehabilitation Dr. Gerard Leon this morning which has only been open a few months. This brand new rehabilitation centre is equipped with things I haven't seen in Haiti, like an audiology room to test hearing :) They also have separate areas for wound care, physiotherapy for adults and children, occupational therapy, and eye care. Everything is so new! We brought 3 young children to get evaluated by the physiatrist this morning. 2 have referrals to see an orthopaedic surgeon. We are going to bring them to see the Broken Earth Newfoundland Team which is going to be at Bernard Mevs Hospital from March 21 - 28. One child has been accepted into the physiotherapy department to strengthen his right side of his body after a bout with meningitis as an infant. Because this is a state hospital the consultation fee is only 10 H$ (1.25US$). Today was a fun day!

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