Monday, March 2, 2015

Repainting The Living Room

Ken and Andrea moved out their clinic on Saturday. The guys here gave them a helping hand at loading the material onto their truck and helping them unload it at their new site. We wish them well.  It wasn't until a couple of years after the earthquake that Ed Amos needed a place to hold his medical clinics. My dream ever since moving into the house where we have been since 2000 was to have a place where physiotherapy could be done. Not many missions work with the handicapped and this was an area where we wanted to help in. I found a place right near the corner of Delmas 31 where the tap-taps stop and where there is a motorcycle taxi stand. This makes it easy for handicapped people to get to our house. The living room is a good size and was sort of being used as only a living room and storage area. After the earthquake and seeing that Ed was without a clinic site I thought that maybe God was leading us to host a medical clinic. Ed stayed a couple of years and then Ken took the clinic over. The clinic grew and we tried to accommodate the growth as well as running the school program. The front bedroom became the pharmacy room :) We were blessed with a container and then the other bedroom in the house served as a depot. This left us able to use the kitchen and my bedroom. We were feeling cramped and the clinic was cramped too. Now the clinic has moved out, and we have one bedroom for storage and one bedroom for guests. The guys painted the new living room from the clinic white color to the same colour as the rest of the house on Saturday :) They had a lot of fun.  Please keep this room in prayer. I still haven't given up on my dream of having a site for physiotherapy :) Pray too for Ken and Andrea as they set up their new location.

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