Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Love A Child/Feed My Starving Children Distribution

Today we drove out to the Love A Child Mission in Fond Parisien to pick up 36 boxes of Feed My Starving Children rice meals. The director, Mark Crea, of Feed My Starving Children and a team of volunteers from Minnesota were helping out at the distribution centre loading up the trucks. When we arrived back at Coram Deo we had some helping hands from the youngest students. They were determined to help carry in the boxes too! It was fun watching the younger students struggling to carry the box. Sometimes they teamed up together to carry in a box. They showed a lot of enthusiasm!The students just finished writing their 3rd quarter exams and are on March/Easter break now. Thank you Feed My Starving Children and Love A Child for helping us out with these rice meals that we provide as a meal to our students every school day.

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