Monday, March 9, 2015

Roudy - Our New Security Guard :)

Rudy is cancer free now for 5 years! He continues to take Gleevec daily to keep him in remission. The pharmaceutical company that manufactures the drug donates his medicine. The yearly cost if we would have to pay for it would be 95,000 US$ per year. The program 60 minutes one evening had as one of their topics the drug Gleevec and its consideration as a miracle drug in the treatment of leukemia. They discussed the cost of the medicine in the United States, Canada and in Europe. Rudy's father goes up to the hospital in Cange every month to pick up a month's supply of the drug. It is amazing to see how healthy Rudy is now from when the video Roudy's Rescue was made 5 years ago. Rudy is our "million dollar man! ( with the costs of all of his medical care being donated). We feel blessed to have Rudy as our new gatekeeper. He is a caring, compassionate person. The 3rd photo shows Rudy with Emmanuel and Jackenson. You can see that Jackenson is feeling better now too. He is the one making a funny face in the background :)

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