Friday, February 6, 2015

Jan. 31/15 - Philemond Pierre - Mouth Tumor

We brought Philemond to Bernard Mevs Hospital to get a cat scan done of his face. The cat scan is done digitally. The results are sent over the internet to Miami and interpreted by doctors there. A report is then sent back to Haiti. Philemon has a 9.4 x 5.9 cm mass in his oral cavity that is centered in the hard palate area and extends into his nasal cavity and both sinuses. The mass is compressing his tongue. This mass could be either a squamous cell carcinoma or a malignant tumor arising from the salivary gland. The plastic surgery team looked at the report and decided that they couldn't do a surgery for him on Friday. We are not going to give up looking for medical care for Philemond. He has had this tumor for 6 months now. Please pray for the medical care search that we are doing. There are a couple more teams coming to Haiti in the next few months and we are bringing him to be evaluated at Hopital La Paix on Monday morning. Philemond is very embarrassed by this tumor and keeps his face hidden with a towel. He is a Christian who attends Amos' fathers church in the Bon Repos area. Pray especially for strength for Philemond to endure this time of suffering.

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