Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Isaac Cadet - Discharge From Hospital

Isaac Cadet was discharged yesterday from the Baptist Mission Hospital in Fermathe. We are having vehicle trouble and took the Toyota up the mountain. We almost made it there before it overheated and a leak started at the top of the radiator. After waiting awhile the engine cooled off and we were able to finish our travel up the mountain. Isaac and his aunt were looking forward to going home. We arrived back at their home in the Delmas 31 area. They live next to Fonise's fathers place. He is also an amputee after having his leg amputated during the earthquake. We went and talked with him to visit Isaac and encourage him in his healing from the amputation surgery. Please continue to keep Isaac in prayer. He has already missed 2 years of schooling because of his leg mass. We are hoping that he can return to school once he is healed. We give the Lord thanks for healing mercies and also thanks to those who made a special donation to make this surgery a possibility.

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