Wednesday, August 11, 2010

photos - medical clinic - part 3

The medical providers saw a variety of illnesses.

The haitian woman who translated for this medical provider is in medical school here in Haiti. She is a friend of Erol's and came just to help out. It is good to see haitians helping haitians.

Erol helped to translate for this medical provider. The guys here at Coram Deo are being kept busy this summer!

It is important to reach out and minister spiritually to the Haitian people as well. The team handed out creole bible literature and evangelized to the people as they waited.

Pastor Senord lives in the Petionville area. He is a very dynamic individual and a good evangelist. You can tell he loves the Lord and the haitian people too. It is important to use both the word and the deed. One without the other will never work. You can't evangelize to a person if you don't first help them. They won't pay attention to you.

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