Sunday, August 8, 2010

photos - repairs - part 4

The scaffolding setup with the ladder at the other end is just at the right height for the cement boss and Pastor Pierre.

It's the right height for Manu too. It is the time of year when the almond tree drops ripe almonds to the ground and the tin roof. Manu is scooping them off the tin. Almonds are a nutritious snack!

We are painting the walls around the property a cream color.

A prime coat was put on first. This is one of the front walls on the property.

The guy with the skull on the back pocket of his jeans is Sony. He is 19-years-old. He is enjoying helping out. The more help the better! It is better than hanging out on the street. Pray for the youth in Haiti. They are the country's future.

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