Friday, August 13, 2010

photos - hatt camp - delmas 31 - part 4

This is a small refuge camp in the Hatt area of upper Delmas 31. This is a view of the showers and water cistern that was built for the camp. The shower rooms are damaged. Most people just bathe by their tents.

This camp does not get a lot of support. People who live here are from the nearby community, who have lost their homes in the earthquake.
The Aldor family lives in this camp. We have known this family for several years. They are really struggling at a moment but are together.

We helped Lourdie several years ago get her leg amputated due to a tumor growing by her knee. She did have a prosthetic limb but it was lost in the earthquake in the collapse of their home. Pray that we can help her in obtaining another artificial leg.

This is the neighborhood where their house once stood.

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