Monday, August 16, 2010

photos - delmas 31 - bridge - part 3

You can see some more of the bridge is starting to erode away after some rain. This photo was taken in February, 1 month after the previous photo.

This photo shows quite a bit of the bridge that has fallen into the ravine. The photo was taken in March, 2 months after the earthquake. The bridge was then closed and the rest of the bridge was removed for safety and so that the rebuilding process could start.

The children enjoy their visits to the bridge site. This foot bridge replaced the Delmas 31 bridge for the last few months.

A lot of water runs through the ravine during a rainstorm and water quickly creates a path to flow. Rain erosion is a big problem here in Haiti.

Haitian workers have been steadily working at rebuilding the bridge and this is what it looks like at the end of July, 6 months after the earthquake.

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