Wednesday, August 25, 2010

photos - camp perrin - part 3

Benson just came book from a week vacation visiting his mother and aunt who live in the Carrefour area. He enjoyed spending time with them. Manu and Benson start back to school next week at Christian Light Mission. Benson will be starting Grade 1 and Manu will be in Grade 5.

Tim drove out to Camp Perrin which is in the Aux Cayes area. He brought back some photos of his trip.

Kimosabee didn't make the trip. This is his cousin "Klarabelle". She is a rental vehicle and is not tough like Kimosabee. Any little scratch will mean Tim having to pay more money.

The road to Camp Perrin is nice. The streets look clean! Not like Port-au-Prince.

There is a lot of vegetation growing in the area.

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