Sunday, August 8, 2010

photos - elections - part 1

It was a very political week this week in Haiti. It was registration time for candidates and parties who wanted to participate in the upcoming presidential elections scheduled to be held on November 28th. The Force 2010 is a political group led by the Mayor of Delmas, Wilson Jeudi. Wilson Jeudi is hoping to be elected as president. This banner hangs over Delmas 31. You can see in the distance the large rubble pile which blocks access to the bridge that was wrecked in the earthquake.

The children came running to me excited to hear the noise of a "ra-ra" band. Presidential candidates were accompanied by groups of people when they deposited their registration forms at the electoral office. This ra-ra passed in front of our house.

There were around 200 people in this crowd.

The horn pictured was one of the instruments used by the band. It was a festive occasion!

Junior was looking to see who he knew in the crowd.

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