Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Everybody has been working hard at making repairs to the house and property grounds of Coram Deo. The earthquake caused a lot of damage but in our yard the damage has now been reversed. This was all possible due to the efforts of the teams that came to help take down and rebuild the dormitory, the Canadian military who helped to rebuild a couple of the surrounding walls on the property, and the efforts of haitian workers and our "Coram Deo" community here in Haiti. These people all provided the "hand work" but this would not have been possible if we did not have financial support from people both in the United States and Canada. These financial gifts allowed us to repair and rebuild. Some people have sent comments and emails saying that they were praying for us here in Haiti. That has been a big support as well. We also give the Lord thanks for protecting and preserving us and showing us His grace. We know that those who were lost during the earthquake, Jackenmy and Samuel are now with the Lord.

For the last 3 years it has been difficult for Coram Deo as an organization. 3 years ago some influential people made comments that were meant to be hurtful. They were:

1. You are not Coram Deo
2. This is not your home
3. This is not your family

These 3 comments that people said was like an "earthquake to the soul".

I took a stand and paid a price, both myself and the haitian people that are part of the Coram Deo family. We have persevered and carried on. This week everyone here has been excited and saying that we now have a "new Coram Deo". Pray that this new Coram Deo will be an even more improved Coram Deo as we serve the Lord with all our hearts, strength, soul and mind. Thanks again for everyone's support.

Michael W. Smith has a song called " A New Hallelujah". He sings this along with the African Childrens' Choir. Join us in singing "A New Hallelujah. Follow the link to:



Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your hard work to make the old Coram Deo, new. Just remember that negative comments are only given by those who wish who draw someone down from the great work that they are doing. Unfortunately, it really only seems to draw themselves down, as they themselves get caught up in their own negativity. That's when you take the opportunity to rise above, and build on the strengths that you have been given. And those strengths are too numerous to mention.
The place looks great, and congratulations on all the hard work and dedication that you have all persevered with at Coram Deo. We are all very proud of you.!!!!!
Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

It is so hard when people talk against us falsely, but that's when we rely more on God and remember that we work for Him, not for the people who make comments. He rewards us, they don't.
It has been so satisfying to see all the painting. I always wish I could be there helping, but remember that God has called me to pray for Haiti at this time, not paint. I have looked at the painting pics more than once, because it's so good to see the boys all working together, being so busy, and accomplishing so much. I'm so glad God gave you enough paint.
And the pics on the Delmas bridge were so fascinating - to see how a bridge is actually made and how they divert water flow. Thanks for all your abilities to describe and show. It sure looks to me that you are doing a great work, taking care of the physical and medical needs at hands. I am thankful for you! I get discouraged when the rest of Haiti is progressing so slowly, and ache so badly that women and girls are being raped in the camps and that they don't have housing yet and that some camps are not being taken care of well. I just keep praying that God will draw them closer to Him, and that the rapists will see the angels surrounding the Christians and even turn to Him. I know that when things don't appear to be happening they really are on a foundational level, and then I'm glad I persevered in prayer. But I don't think I've ever ached so much in prayer as I do for Haiti. I'm glad you're there so that I can see the needs first hand! Janet

Anonymous said...

awesome job!!!! I am so proud of those young men. Could you tell them for me that they have done a great job. Glad to hear the confidence and joy in your words Karen. Keep up the good work in your Service. And keep pressing on each and everyday towards the goal. Coram Deo is a blessing from the Lord for the people. Lets keep His light shining in Haiti through Coram Deo.
Praise God.