Saturday, August 21, 2010

photos - archaie - part 4

This banner translated means " Rebuilding Haiti Together". It is true. If everyone works together much can be accomplished.

In the middle of the public square is a statue of Jean Jacques Dessalines, the leader who helped to make Haiti a nation. Pray for the election process, that a leader will be elected who will lead the rebuilding process.

These are the Haitian flags through the history of the country.The original flag in 1805 was black and red. The second flag was adopted as the official flag in 1806. Duvalier, the dicator changed the flag while he was in power (from 1964 - 1986). Now the official flag is the one shown in the middle.

The emblem of Haiti translated is "Union is strength". Pray for a strong Haiti.

This large Haitian flag flies from the large flagpole in the square.

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