Thursday, August 5, 2010

photos - various - part 5

Benson and Manu both chose the new hair cut style too. I'll make them get a regular hair cut before the end of the week! Until then I am going to let them enjoy their new look!

A prayer group from the church across the street came to visit and pray with Marie.

Marie's leg has been bothering her and the blood is pooling in her lower leg. The doctor gave her a prescription for special stockings to wear to help improve the circulation. Pray that this helps her. She had told people at church about her problem and they came to pray with her.

This mother and her hydrocephalus child came to the house to find out when the next hydrocephalus surgeries will be. It looks like they will be in October sometime. Pray the baby's head doesn't grow too fast. A group from Kentucky came and visited last week and left some baby items. We gave some of them to her. They live in a refuge camp in the Delmas 31 area.

The people who have the most difficulty after the earthquake are single mothers. This lady's husband died in the earthquake and she has struggled since to provide for her family. She came to the house asking for food assistance. Pray for all the families struggling after the earthquake.

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