Friday, August 27, 2010

photos - cayes region - part 4

Where there is water, trees and agriculture can thrive.

This is a haitian cooking stove; 3 rocks with a small stone to balance the pot. In the countryside sticks are used to fuel the "rock stove".

Ysmaille drove with Tim to the Cayes region. I respect Ysmaille for what he is doing to help the haitian people post-earthquake. He works with Amurt, an NGO in their relief programs. He teaches english in addition to his welding work. He goes into the refuge camps. It is good to see Haitian people involved in helping other Haitians. Pray for the efforts of people like Ysmaille.

The rural area of Haiti is beautiful. Where Fonise family lives people grow rice. With proper development Haiti can once again be self-sufficient in rice production. They were before. They can do so again with the world's assistance.

Pray for the work being done in the rural communities. Port-au-Prince is dense and highly concentrated. Port-au-Prince needs to be rebuilt but so do the rural communities as well.

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