Thursday, August 19, 2010


There are over 1,000 refuge camps holding around 1.5 million people here in Haiti. There are some camps that receive a lot of support through the UN and mission organizations. One of the camps that we know, the ARC in the Parc Naturel, Fond Parisien is very well run. After the earthquake a tent hospital was set up on the grounds of the Love a Child mission. After being discharged from the hospital and also when the tent hospital closed at Love a Child people were transferred to the ARC. Pray for those who are working to help make life more bearable for those living in the refuge camps. To see more of the ARC and the Corrail camp follow the link to:

People are enduring the struggles of living here in Haiti with their strength in faith. Every day here in our neighborhood you can hear the church service begin in a camp starting at 6:00am. You can't miss hearing it because of the loudspeakers. It has been like this every day of the week since the earthquake. To see an example of this faith follow the link to:

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