Monday, August 16, 2010

photos - repairs - part 1

We keep finding new things to paint! Things sure look nice freshly painted. Here is Erol working on painting the metal doors

This is a finished door for one of the outside depots.

With the rains, the grass is growing. Our lawnmower is a weedeater. We've gone through several weedeaters over the years. Pastor Pierre recently took some parts off another weedeater that recently burned up to fix the one we currently use. Better than using hand clippers. There was a time when we only had hand clippers and it takes 3 days to cut the lawn with them. In Haiti you need to have a lot of perseverance and patience.

The sides of the roof are now finished and the guys are working on putting some paint on them. Next project is to fix the front wall. That starts tomorrow!

Aldai gave a hand at priming the roof walls.

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Anonymous said...

tell the boys they are doing a great job can't wait to see it all done the boys make a great team