Wednesday, August 11, 2010

photos - various - part 6

Children in Haiti sometimes take on responsability at a younger age than North American children. This young girl came to the gate to ask for medical care for her younger sister. After receiving medication she asked for some food. We gave her some Feed My Starving Children rice meal packages. We give the Lord thanks for people who help Haiti by coming here to provide medical care and for the work of Feed My Starving Children. Volunteers package these rice meals in the United States.
Yesterday afternoon we picked up some more boxes of Feed My Starving Children rice meals from Roberta's place. Love a Child is the mission who co-ordinates the containers of food assistance. Their mission not only helps the haitian people as part of their feeding program but also other missions throughout Haiti. Pray for their work too!

We are doing the finishing touches of painting to the house. Here is a back view of the "3 Amigos"!

They are Johny, Amos and Fedner. It is great to see their enthusiasm. Once all repairs are done at least in our yard will be a place where no trace of the earthquake will be seen. This is everyone's goal.

A friend of the guys who is an artist is designing the logo on a side wall on the inside of the property. Next step is to design Coram Deo t-shirts for when we have programs with teams so that our workers can be easily identified from the people who attend the medical clinics. We are thinking of getting orange t-shirts with black lettering on it.

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