Friday, August 27, 2010

photos - repairs - part 1

We started the generator the other day and when I tried to lower the switch from EDH power to the generator the rusty switch handle broke. It's a good thing that Loutese is available. We called him and a couple of hours later no more problem! Here he is installing the new switch.

We put a couple of laundry poles in a different location and bought some new line. The guys are installing the new line.

The steel rebar on my window was loose. One of the anchor points had a laundry line attached to it. The other end of the line was connected to a palm tree. During the earthquake the shaking of the house and the pulling of the line caused the anchor point to break loose. Ysmaille does all our welding work. One of his workers welded the bar back to the anchor point.

Pastor Pierre and the cement boss built the extra support pillar on the street side of the wall. In the far right of the picture you can see Marie standing with a thinking pose. I think she is wondering if the "Leaning Wall of Pisa" will now be more secure. I think it is!

With the new support pillar in place on the street side of the wall, Pastor Pierre and the cement boss continued to chip away at the old parging. Once this is done mortar will be applied and we should have a stronger wall as a result.

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