Wednesday, August 11, 2010

photos - medical clinic - part 4

Pastor Marcelin (the man on the left) is Amos's father. The medical team worshiped at his church on Sunday.

Pastor Ramos (the man on the left) has a church in Cite Soleil. He came by to visit as well.

The people patiently waited for their turn to see one of the medical providers.

Sony is a newcomer here to Coram Deo. He is friends of one of the guys and just turned 18 years old. He has been eagerly helping out here to keep himself busy. He brought his nephew to the clinic. The little boy's mother died after the earthquake. I have never seen so many orphans as there are now here in Haiti. There are lots of children who have lost at least one parent. The challenge for the future will be in providing support to these broken families. Pray for all the orphans here in Haiti.

Bertrand and Junior helped out with keeping the clinic organized as well. The guys are well trained now with all the clinics that we have had. It is good to see.

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