Friday, August 13, 2010

photos - rubble - delmas 31 - part 5

Where the Aldor family home once stood is now just one pile of rubble. Pray for this family and that they will find a way to rebuild.

There is work going on in our neigborhood to remove some destroyed homes. Here is a backhoe heading down our street. It is good to see people taking action at removing destroyed buildings.

This is the rubble of one of the collapsed houses on our street. Workers use wheelbarrows to haul the rubble to the side of the road.

On another street in our neighborhood, Imp. Epinard, 3 houses have been removed and there are some huge rubble piles as a result. I don't mind it though. I would rather manouever around the piles of rubble at the side of the road than see collapsed houses with nothing being done to remove them.

This is the site of one of the buildings that we have been trying to get demolished. 5 people died here. Now the rubble has been removed! Keep praying for workers to demolish the 4-story apartment building across from the site pictured (8 people died there - 2 bodies were recovered and 6 were never recovered)

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