Wednesday, August 11, 2010

photos - medical clinic - part 1

Sherri had 2 different teams from North Carolina and Tennesee come to help her at Christian Light Mission. After everyone introduced themselves to each other they realized that there were several members who were medical personnel. Great for forming a medical team! Here they are with their haitian helpers who all chipped in at the last minute to make the clinics a possibility. We give the Lord thanks for their efforts!

It didn't take long to find patients for them to treat. We visited the refuge camps in the area to let people know there was a medical clinic. Here are a couple of mothers who brought their babies.

This man has had ongoing skin problems since the earthquake. He is holding an evangelism booklet written in the creole language that was handed out by the evangelists on the team.

This mother is waiting patiently for her number to be called.

Mackenson came from Fond Verrette with a woman who had a fibroid tumor. We are going to bring her to Bernard Mevs Hospital next week to see if they can help her out with surgery. She is experiencing quite a bit of discomfort. Pray we can find out a way to help her.

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