Friday, August 13, 2010

photos - camp fire - delmas 33 - part 3

Wednesday night there was a fire in a tent camp on Delmas 33, near the police station. 4 tents were destroyed before the fire was put out.

A 6-month-old baby died in the tent in the area shown here. The mother was not home at the time. 2 of her older children were there. A candle got knocked over and the fire began. The children ran out and escaped but nobody was able to get to the baby that was laying on the bed. Keep this family in your prayers.

This tent camp is well supported and organized. We spoke with a couple representatives of some large NGO's. They will be providing new tents to those who lost their tent in the fire.

The refuge camp stretches for quite a distance.

There is not much available land in Port-au-Prince. I think that the government should appropriate this land and develop it as a new community building effort.

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