Friday, September 17, 2010

photos - various - part 4

The physiotherapy center helps a lot of children. The child that we registered can't start physiotherapy until January 2011 because of the large demand for physiotherapy.

This dome reminds me of the Skydome in Toronto! This dome is used by the HIV treatment center located near the children's hospital. Because of investment by foreign governments the poor are provided with anti-retroviral medications free of charge. Many people are helped. Haiti still has the highest HIV rate in the Caribbean but the rate is decreasing.

The Medecin Sans Frontieres Maternity Hospital building was damaged during the earthquake. A lot of work is being done to repair the building.

The workers are doing a good job to fix up the building. Pray that this much needed maternity hospital will be able to re-open again. The maternal death rate is increasing in Haiti. The country needs good maternity hospitals.

This woman is a street vendor who sells used clothing in the Cite Aux Cayes market area in our neighborhood. Another woman abandoned this child near her. She couldn't let the child remain on the ground and took her in. She filed a police report to let the police know what happened. After a couple of weeks of trying to locate the woman who abandoned this child she came to us for help. We contacted Chris Nungester of HIS Home for Children and this young girl, who was named "Sara" by the clothes vendor is now in their orphanage. Haitian Social Services was notified and registered with them as well. Pray for "Sara" and those of HIS Home for Children who will be providing for her.

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