Tuesday, September 28, 2010

photos - storm - part 4

The tarp shelters have a dirt floor. When it rains everything is wet. The children dread it because it means they can't lay on the floor to sleep. Families will usually sit together on a mattress that is propped off the ground and take turns sleeping.

This woman is a happy person despite her living conditions. She showed me where her home was and then laughed. She is determined to one day get out of the camp.

This man is an artist. He decorated his tarp shelter with some designs. On the right side of the shelter he has written "Life is Good"!

People have different types of home decorating styles in their shelters. This one is quite large. Inside the shelter this woman has a small tent on the left side and a large mattress beside it. She has a couple of chairs and even a hanging artificial plant to brighten up the shelter. Pray for all those who are trying to make a home in the camps.

Children are amazing. They continue to laugh and play despite their living conditions.

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