Sunday, September 26, 2010

photos - storm - part 3

The tin roof was lifted off of Macdonald's family's home.

Rain waters swiftly ran down this ravine in Cite Jeremie.

Babies don't wait for storms and one of the women in the refuge camp on Delmas 31 was in labor and bleeding. We brought her to the Chancerelles Maternity Hospital. She had a difficult delivery and bled a lot but you can see she successfully gave birth to a 5 lb. baby boy. His name is Ivon.

We returned mother and baby back to their camp this morning. The mother was happy to be back home. The hospital wanted her to stay there for observation because she had lost quite a bit of blood but she didn't want to stay. We told her if the bleeding continues we would bring her back to the hospital. She told me not to worry and that God wouldn't let anything happen to her. Please pray for the health of this mother and her newborn baby boy.

Saturday was spent cleaning up after the storm. The children enjoyed it!


Anonymous said...

thinking of those in the tent camps. comforting to know your out there doing what you can to help. God bless your efforts.

Anonymous said...

how did the tin roof on the new dorm hold up?