Tuesday, September 28, 2010

photos - storm - part 1

The people in the refuge camps have been "camping" for 8 months. The tents were becoming brittle. The storm finished off a lot of these tents.

In the St. Louis refuge camp this tree fell on a few tents. Cleanup was started right away.

The wood will be used as fuel for a cooking fire or sold.

After the earthquake people are quick to move. When the winds gusted people ran from their tents to an area where there were no trees. It was a good thing that they reacted quickly. There were no injuries in the St. Louis camp. This large uprooted tree fell on this tent. If the people wouldn't have reacted quickly they probably would be dead. In the Port-au-Prince area it was estimated that 5 people were killed. We saw several instances where God's grace was shown in sparing people's lives in the camps as people avoided injury from falling trees.

The tents that were originally given to the people were large and strong. The wear and tear is showing in most of them. The Red Cross and other organizations need to provide more tents. There is no quick transfer plans being made for the people in the camps. They need to improve their shelter and can not continue to live in conditions that they are in.

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