Friday, September 17, 2010

photos - various - part 3

This is a first. Attack of the tarantulas! Warning to all visitors who may stay here. Before going to bed always check for unwelcome visitors in your bed. This tarantula was on my bed sleeping under my covers when I was planning to go to sleep one night. Good thing I checked!

It is estimated that to remove all the rubble in Port-au-Prince it would take 1,000 dump trucks 1,000 days working 24 hours per day. Dump trucks seem to be in short supply. This dump truck is missing a wheel! I wonder if the driver knows.

We went to the physical therapy center located behind the Nos Petits Freres/Soeurs Children's Hospital. The UN has a large compound near the hospital. These yellow-shirt work program employees were cleaning the road near the entrance to the Phillipine Contingent Headquarters.

There are several nations represented here in Haiti as part of the UN forces.

Another section is where the Italian forces are located.

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Anonymous said...

spiders in the bed yuck that is why we like sleeping on the roof they cna't get in our bes i hope