Sunday, September 26, 2010

photos - storm - part 2

This large limb crushed a tent below. Fortunately the woman who was nearby was only slightly injured. She had a sore arm but it didn't look broken. We brought her some ibuprofen and told her if the pain or swelling got worse to contact us and we would take her over to Medecin San Frontieres to get it checked out. The people in this camp were scared and were thankful that they were unhurt. When we were there they were praying to God and singing in the rain asking Him for protection. The Christians in Haiti know who to turn to in times of trouble. The strong winds scared the people and they felt vulnerable and exposed in their tents and tarp shelters.

We went to the Apostolique refuge camp. A tin roof had been lifted off a nearby building by the strong winds and thrown down onto this tent in the refuge camp. The woman's back was sliced open by the sharp tin. She was rushed to the Medecin Sans Frontieres Hospital where she is now recovering from her wounds. Another young woman in the tent suffered a back injury. We brought her to Medecin Sans Frontieres to get evaluated. It is amazing that nobody got killed by the roof. Pray for the 2 people who were injured in this tent; that they may recover from their wounds.

In the Cite Jeremie area this tin roof was lifted off as well as the damaged wall from the earthquake being knocked over. It fell below injuring a person. This person was brought to hospital.

You can see that this remaining portion of wall is a danger to the people who live nearby. We advised them to demolish the remainder of the wall.

Inside Cite Jeremie it is densely populated with narrow corridors. Rain waters ran through the corridors.

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