Friday, September 17, 2010

photos - various - part 6

The mother and Jansika live with friends in the Delmas 31/Hatt refuge camp. To see the living conditions is sad but the Haitian people know that it won't be forever and they keep going on.

These are some of the children who are Jansika's tent neighbors.

This handicapped boy can't walk straight. His legs are withered. I don't know if polio caused his problems. He is determined though and goes to school. Pray for the handicapped as they struggle to manouever around here in Haiti.

Junior's sister Dorly lives with the woman whose hand she is holding. Dorly's parents both died in the earthquake and this woman was friends of her parents. They live in the Adventist Refuge camp in the Jeremie area of Delmas 31.

This woman has not been doing well since the earthquake. She has visited many doctors and has accumulated a couple bags full of medicines none of which she takes properly. When Dr. Karen held a clinic here at Coram Deo last week the first thing that she did was dump all the medicine! Pray for Dorly and the woman she stays with.

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