Tuesday, September 28, 2010

photos - storm - part 5

While we were in the Henfrasa refuge camp we saw a foreign aid organization walking through the camp. The NGO "AMI" helps out in this camp. We saw them walk with some tarps in their hands and while we were leaving a vehicle pulled in with about 20 new tent bags. It would be great if the AMI organization would be able to help out all the people in the Henfrasa camp who need new tents.

You can see how brittle the tarps are getting.

This woman has basically no protection from the rain. She almost tackled me to get me to come and visit her shelter. She latched onto my arm and wouldn't let go!

Some of the families in the camps have now lost their home for the second time. Pray for strength for these families.

This woman gave birth a week ago. She has 6 children. Her husband is in prison. We are registering 2 of the older children into our school program here at Coram Deo. They will be in Grade 1. 2 of her other children we are attempting to get accepted at the National School near the Mayor of Delmas. Hopefully this year with all the international attention on the school programs here in Haiti the public education system will improve.

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