Thursday, September 30, 2010

photos - handicapped - part 2

The 82-year-old lady from Miragoane came back because her artificial leg was still bothering her. We brought her over to the Healing Hands/Handicapped International Prosthetics/Orthotics Clinic by Poste Marchande and a new leg will be prepared for her. They will call her back when they are ready. She is a very healthy lady.

There are several foreigners regularly coming to Haiti to donate their time in the clinics. They have been making a lot of artificial limbs.

There were 3 big rooms where orthotics and prostheses are designed. There are haitian people involved as well. This man used to work at the St. Vincents' prosthetic clinic before the earthquake. St. Vincents was destroyed during the earthquake and he now works with Handicapped International. Pray for all those working with the handicapped. They are swamped with work.

I saw this nice poster on the wall of the clinic reception area. The handicapped can live and function in society. They just need a helping hand. Pray for the handicapped living in Haiti and for the society around them.

Andilene Chery is now 11-years-old. About 6 years ago she went to the United States to have a brain tumor removed. She is thriving well and her family looks after her well. She goes to school!

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