Saturday, September 25, 2010


Here are the last 3 videos in the 5 part Faith in Action series. Part 3 explains the story of what happened during the earthquake at the Cathedral in down-town Port-au-Prince. Part 4 talks about the Cash For Work programs being run, specifically by the mission CRS (Catholic Relief Services). Part 5 talks about the 3 R's of christian relief programs: Relief, Rebuilding and Renewal. Renewal is "what the church does at its' best. It is not just some "do-good" organization. The church is about the heart, soul, interior of humanity and it gives purpose and meaning to everything that we do". To watch these videos of Faith in Action follow the link to:

Faith in Action: Part 3 - The Cathedral

Faith in Action: Part 4 - Cash for Pay

Faith in Action: Part 5 - The Three R's

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