Friday, September 17, 2010

photos - various - part 2

This young mother had 2 children. Her other child died a couple of years ago after some post-op infection problems from her hydrocephalus surgery. While she was in the hospital with her other daughter she was very pregnant and ended up going into labor! We brought her to the Chancerelles maternity hospital and Lukner played the role of husband and father and stayed with her in the hospital, while Joanne (another mother of a hydrocephalus child) looked after her hydrocephalus child in the hospital. This mother has always been grateful for the help that she received. She lives in Mirebalais and calls us on the telephone from time to time. She recently came with her child to visit us here at Coram Deo.

She came bearing gifts of food as a thank you! You can see it was a large gift and this is something from a person who is very poor. It is encouraging to see the thankfulness of people who we help. She now is planning to baptize her child!

When Jantje visited us she brought along a quilt that was made by a woman in Rodney, Ontario. We gave this quilt to this young family.

Marie has been having some circulation problems in her legs. After getting some tests done the doctor prescribed some special medicine to take as well as wearing these "anti-embolism" stockings. I feel sorry for her that she has to wear these in the hot weather here in Haiti but they should help her out. Now she can stand all day on her feet and maybe even dance!

Manu and Benson started school at the Christian Light School in the neighborhood. Here is Manu getting his razor blade hair cut. Sony is the hair stylist. Because of his skin condition Manu has to go bald everytime he gets a hair cut.

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